Bypass Argo by IP address


We woud like Argo to be ON for all customers/vistors of our site except for those coming from certain IP addresses or known bots.

For example: What we want to do is blacklist our own IP address from our office from being routed through Argo. We would like to still be able to access our website but as if Argo was turned OFF from our office IP.

Or filter out by user agents or known bots.

This is possible to do now? Maybe with worker?

It seems the easiest would be if there was a ARGO setting we could by pass using a Firewall rule.

Can we request Cloudflare to add this option for a Firewall rules?

Actually I’m curious why you want to bypass Argo Smart Routing from your office traffic? Is there any issue you are facing with the use of Argo Smart Routing?

Currently there’s no way to do that.

We recently tested a cache warmer extension for our website. The cache warmer would run and hit every page of our website to warm the cache. This increased traffic data was run through Argo increasing our billable usage dramatically. We immediately uninstalled that extension. That is just one example. We do other website testing on our own site it does not make much sense to use Argo and get billed for traffic from ourselves.

We are OK with paying for Argo service that is coming from our customers real traffic.

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