Bypass a cookie with APO

Hello, I just contracted Cloudflare APO and it does not have the option to omit a cookie like all cache plugins.
How do I bypass a cookie? This is necessary for the Passster plugin to work properly.


You’d need the cookie to have one of these prefixes -

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Thanks Kian, but is that the only solution? I am not a programmer. Support does not provide another solution?

Please, someone from support who can give me a solution?

You mean: who can give me another solution?

You don’t need to be one, nor did this ever play a role. The only thing you need to be able to do is write a nice email to the developers/programmers of the plugin to adapt to Cloudflare standards, so the plugin is compatible. Or if they really think that there is something that needs to be added at APO they should reach out to the APO team and ask for adding something to its bypass-list.

The best thing anyway would be, if developers immediately would adapt their plugins to Cloudflare’s (APOs) requirements/standards. Maybe certification is required for this, so you immediately see which Plugins are tested and compatible with Cloudflare or not. That would add a lot to transparency in the long run.


If not one of these cookie prefixes that @KianNH
had mentioned, with a Business or Enterprise plan you could make use of a Bypass Cache on Cookie page rule.


@M4rt1n: Thanks, yesterday I sent a message to the creator of the Passster plugin, but he hasn’t replied. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt he’ll answer me.

@jwds1978: It is far from my reach to access the business plan. I do not doubt that it provides very good tools, but it is a lot of money.

Without more options I will cancel my subscription. Thanks again to both of you for replying.

If he will not reply, then his product does not have a good support. I don’t know if you bought it, or if it is free, but if it is free please give these poor Wordpress devs up to one week to respond, I know how overfilled their mail inboxes are …

If you have any news about this feel free to inform us here, so we can have a look at :slight_smile:

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