ByetHost (free hosting) only brings nameservers

Hello, I still have some unused websites after canceling the hosting service I had. I need to temporarily host the domains on a free server that supports PHP and MySQL.

I have tried several free ones: InfinityFree, AwardSpace and now with ByetHost. The problem is that in order to use my own domain in a webhosting account, these companies do not provide their IP number but rather their nameservers. For example, at ByetHost they tell me that for my domain to point to their server, I have to enter this information:

My domain has both Cloudflare DNSs and from the Cloudflare DNS zone editor I do have to enter the server’s IP.

I wonder:

Is there any other way to configure this so that my domain still retains Cloudflare DNSs but points to the ByetHost server using their nameservers?

And if not, can you recommend any list of free webhosting that is compatible with Cloudflare regarding this specific issue?

Thank you

You aren’t likely to have any luck with the limiting criteria you have laid out. Most free hosting requires the use of their nameservers. I don’t know if they all do, becuase most are infinitely worse than cheap shared hosting, which I also avoid.

You could try something like Oracle Cloud, but that is going to require that you are able to manage a Linux server. This Community is not going to be an appropriate resource for what you seek. One from the following article is going to be a better fit.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening.

The first part of my question had to do with the situation I was describing, asking if there was any way to resolve the need to point my domain to a server using its nameservers, not its IP. I have not asked for an opinion on the fact of hiring free web hosting.

The second part of my question had to do with any suggestions or recommendations, by Cloudflare, of companies that provide free webhosting that supports PHP, MySQL and being compatible with Cloudflare regarding the topic in question. There are times that some companies recommend others that in some way complement their service in certain situations, as in my specific case, where I need a free server with certain characteristics for a couple of months.

End of topic, thanks.