Byethost and subdomains

Hello all. I run a website at, and I’ve been trying to get the SSL certificate to work on my subdomain,

It does not want to work, and I’m completely lost. The host is byethost, and the DNS is managed through their Cpanel. I’ve tried all kinds of configurations, but it always comes back to the same result: it simply won’t work. is fine but is showing a self-signed certificate and you’ll want to follow this guide.

I get this issue:
The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name

The certificate is for both the naked site and the wildcard *.unnamed…etc

That appears to be a partner setup.

Assuming you also want to proxy that host over Cloudflare you’d need to change your DNS configuration so that it points to

However, considering that entry does not even exist yet, I would believe Cloudflare does not know about that host and it solely is configured on your host’s side. Being a partner setup I’d contact the host.

Also, your host configured your naked domain as CNAME. That works but is technically an invalid configuration.

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