Byapass cache if uri contains word - not working

I have this cache rule

(http.request.uri contains “product”)

Set to bypass cache

But urls loading on the page, many of the URLS loading on the page, still show cf-cache-status as HIT

Shouldn’t every resource this page loads bypass cache, since the page itself has the word product in it?

I am positive i have caching turned on, the cloud icon is orange
I am positive I am not bypassing cloudflare through a hosts change

Do those URLs contain the bypass cache rule condition?

No. That’s not how browsers request resources.

Ok, so the URL’s have to contain the word specified then right?

Do you know if I can stop caching for an entire page? Everything loaded on the page?

Store every asset on path(s) where you can disable the caching or set a cache control header at the origin for assets you know you don’t want to be cached.


So just to be sure I understand this right.

If we say URI Path contains ‘word’ bypass cache, that won’t bypass cache for any page that contains ‘word’ in it? You have to specify the urls of the resources themselves?

Open the developer tools in your browser and you can see how resources are requested. There is no difference between calling a webpage and any other asset that can be downloaded via http.

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