By some unknown mistake

By some unknown mistake, my website is accessible by a different domain which doesn’t belong to me Check please

Does this mean if I go to user7114vrynicewebsite.TLD I end up at Or does it mean if I go to the other site, I see the contents of your site? Scrape shield may help if it’s the later case, Cloudflare Scrape Shield · Cloudflare Support docs

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Yes. It mean that my site is accessible by another domain (bmceg .com). It is likely that CF proxies to a different domain. My site is accessible at two domains at the same time.
As I understand this could help Server-side Excludes , but I still don’t understand how to set the rules for blocking the domain that doesn’t belong to me.
Thank you for your help!

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Thank you. The question is no longer relevant. I have blocked access to the site on the server


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