Buying country based domains


Do you plan to make possible to buy or transfer country based domains? Like .fr, .it, .es, etc.?

Actually I have .com and .fr domains on another service, I want to group all my domains on Cloudflare, but I can’t transfer my .fr domains, so it stops me…


You can find the list of currently supported and coming soon TLDs here: TLD Policies. Those aren’t on the coming soon list, and some like .fr have special restrictions, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for them. The CF Registrar is supposed to be a simple registrar, a value addon for existing Cloudflare users, I wouldn’t expect them to try to support every single TLD out there with special restrictions and such, for example they currently don’t support Premium Domains at all. Only time will tell though.

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@sovetski please do also visit the existing requests in this category for the TLDs you mentioned and comment / upvote: