Buying a new .pt domain on .pt nic needs a temporary dns server to add it on CF

Hi guys!

When I buy a new .pt domain directly from (.pt nic) I can not add it directly to Cloudflare.
This sucks for many reasons as you can think!

But my flow right now is something like this:

  • buy the domain
  • add the domain to another dns server
  • change domain NS
  • domain is validated from
  • domain is activated
  • add it to Cloudflare
  • change NS to CF

And this will take a while, TTLs expiring, propagating everything.

This is how works. It requires that a dns server can answer to that domain before they activate the domain.

Is there any work around to handle this better? Can Cloudflare make an exception for this domains?


I am afraid not, that is how Cloudflare’s system currently works.

Indeed you raise a good point but I believe there is no solution for this.

Blame’s idiotic behavior for creating stuff.

.pt is not alone there. Many European TLDs work that way (e.g. the Danish, the German, and the Italian).

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