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Does anyone agree with me to buycott Cloudflare? i am a free user and i’ve tried to connect them multiple times to resolve the matter but they always sending automatic robotic massage and they pushing my to take paid description if they need to push me why they do not stopping free account? So I am thinking I’ll share this matter with the buycott tag on social media. Please suggest it would be good?

It wouldn’t. Seems more like a cry for attention. If you want to do something, why not just doing it and why writing this thread? Why creating a #tag? You do not seem to be a person that really needs/wants help, but actually attention.

Just checked your account - it seems this is your first post ever. You never asked for help, you never brought to Cloudflare’s attention that something is not working properly for you - nothing. Do you really think all these other multiple million customers and users suddenly will boycott Cloudflare, because one single person is not able to use it properly and does not even explain why and what was not working? I don’t think so.

In a free world you are of course free to do whatever you want, but people will be watching and judging you by your behaviour.


Thanks for your replay. i’ve tried to connect the serval times but i can’t find any solution even i’ve explain them i don’t have technical knowledge. when i visit my site it showing me Error 1016 Ray ID: 7481af531cc9a039 • 2022-09-09 17:36:13 UTC
Origin DNS error how i can fix it can you advice me please

And as a free user you think you are entitled for premium support? That’s not how it works.
A Free plan is perfect for people that know what they do, if you do not have ANY technical knowledge, please hire someone who does, or buy a paid plan for support - but please don’t think they then work for you, they just support they products/services.

Paid support ofc is not for free users. Free users get free community support, which is provided here in the forum. It depends on your manners and behaviour if someone is willing to spend his free time to help you for free.

If you just click on the highlighted link, which the forum automatically generated for this error code, you will reach a post, which explains what this error code means and how to fix it.


Beggars can’t be choosers :person_shrugging:.

If you genuinely want to fix your issue; make a separate thread sharing proper information and insights about your issue.