Buy ssl certifcate from cloudflare and install in pro plan

I want to subscribe to Cloudflare pro plan but want to buy certificate from you dedicated to my domain name

is it possible ?

When you use Cloudflare, you get free SSL for your first level subdomain. You can use ACM to buy certificate, but you don’t buy a certificate and download the certificate.

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what I noticed in the free plan that Cloudflare will issue a certificate …but i think it’s shared certificate …that why i am trying to see if I can buy one from Cloudflare … one domain can have multiple ssl certificate that are considered valid by the browser … I think ?

The certificate deployed via Universal SSL is not shared with other customers/domains (that used to be the case a long time ago) but the common name won’t mention your domain.

If you don’t want this, you can order an advanced certificate or enable Total TLS if you want to customise the certificate (choose the CA and the hostnames) via:

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