Buy domain, VPS and use CloudFlare

Hi everybody there!!
Let me know if I am in the correct way:

  1. I register a domain (for example at
  2. I buy a VPS service like Linode or DigitalOcean
  3. I only have 1 IP address from my VPS provider
  4. I add my domain to cloudflare panel
  5. I transfer registrar to CloudFlare (is very expensive, they say it and is real!)
  6. What about NS’s when my registrar were CloudFlare and I only have the IP of my VPS. I must configure a complete DNS server in it to resolve my domain name?
  7. How does cloudflare solve NS’s: can they solve only with the IP address?

Thanks you very much giving me some help…

You have to wait 60 days after registering that domain before you can transfer registration to Cloudflare.

But you can still do the other steps. Cloudflare will tell you which Name Servers (not NS records) to set at your registrar, such as Hostgator.

A domain at Cloudflare will have its own DNS settings where you add the IP address of your VPS.

Thank you for your fast reply! :slight_smile:

And when I delegate (after 60 days) my domain to CloudFlare:

  1. I must add a new A record pointing to my VPS’s IP ?
  2. When CF charge the anual cost? When I change it or at the renew date? For example: If I register today 04-11-2020, maybe I can change delegation at 06-12-2020 and CF charge anual renew cost at this time or at 04-11-2021?

Thank you sdayman!!!

  1. Your “A” records for your VPS won’t change. Nothing changes. You will have the same name servers.
  2. Cloudflare charges you the annual cost as soon as you transfer the domain to Cloudflare. If you register today at Hostgator, your registration expires on April 11th (my time) of 2021. And in 60 days, you pay Cloudflare for one more year of registration, so it will expire on April 11th of 2022. Cloudflare just extends what you already paid for at Hostgator.

Great. I must think if transfer registration at 06/2020 or make it near expiration date at april of 2021.
I ask you for changing A records because I’am thinking in other domain that point to hostgators ns’s and I am thinking to move it to a new VPS (54.00.xx.21 eg). And I think “If I change delegation to CF and delete my hostgator account I loose my actual A, MX, PTR records.” So I think "Great! I create all records at DNS configuration panel in CF and all will go on :slight_smile: I think this is the way… Or not? Excuse me sdayman, lots of questions in 10 minutes :’(

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