Button to add custom nameservers not working

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It’s been a few days I’m trying to add custom nameservers on my business plan with no luck.
I have followed this howto but get blocked on step 5. The button seems not working without any error.
Thanks in advance.

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Thats a case for a support ticket -> https://support.cloudflare.com/requests/new

Hi @peopleinput, the zone shows as pending in your account. Wait until you receive an indication cloudflare is active, and then try again. I suspect this means changing your name servers at your registrar to those assigned by cloudflare, wait for verification that the site is active, and then create your custom name servers and have your registrar make the change. If you’re having issues with the button being non-responsive after the site is active, I’d follow the suggestion from @sandro and open a ticket. Please share that number here and I can track progress.

Hello @sandro,

When I click on your link, it redirects me on the page below with no option to contact the support team.

Is there something wrong with my account ?

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Nothing wrong, check what it says at the very bottom :wink:

I don’t think so, can you share your ticket number here? And, can you verify that you’ve asked your domain registrar to change your nameservers to those assigned by Cloudflare? Can you share the name of the domain here?

Woaw ! Thank you @sandro.

Hello @cloonan,

Here is the ticket number : 1771839.

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Thanks, I see the ticket but also see that your name servers were never confirmed. In order to set custom name servers, you need to add the zone to cloudflare and have your registrar change your nameservers to the two assigned by cloudflare. Once you receive a verification indicating Cloudflare is active on your site, then you can set custom name servers.

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