Button "Authorize" on W3 Total Cache Cloudflare extension not work

Hello everyone.
I have the “W3 Total Cache” plugin configured, just need to enter the Keys APIs of Cloudflare.

When I go to W3 Total Cache -> Extensions -> Cloudflare -> Settings and I press “Authorize”, it does absolutely nothing.

I tried reloading the page and trying other browsers, but I did not open the form to enter the Key API.

Thanks for the help.

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Wouldnt that be a question better for https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/w3-total-cache?

Resolved looking in the forum.
I leave the solution here in case someone happens:

Change the wordpress language to English, click on the “Authorize” button, put the API Key, return to your previous Wordpress language.

Thanks for everything! :blush:

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It worked for me too, thank you so much!

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