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TL;DR - How do i point domains to my Cloudflare WAF without changing nameservers

I have an application that a few hundred domains point to which presents content based upon their domain. So will get the content we’ve specified them to get when accessed. It’s all managed via IIS and MSSQL. Problem is we have an on-premise WAF that has faulty hardware so the sites keep having outages.

The domains are all owned by end users, we have no control over them besides asking them to update an A and CNAME record.

If I put our main site through Cloudflare WAF on the Business plan, is it possible to point all the domains through this WAF without them having to join Cloudflare?

CF allows business customers to set up their own websites via CNAMEs instead of changing nameservers, but what you’re asking for (client websites pointing a CNAME to get Cloudflare features) is limited to enterprise customers under the product “SSL for SaaS”. You could ask for a quote to see how much it is (since pricing varies by use case) but, either way, it’s going to cost more than your current business plan.

(despite the product name, it provides all features of CF under the cname records, including SSL certificates)


Thanks for confirming that for me!

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