Business suscription / Convert to CNAME Setup / Error caught when trying to convert the zone type. (Code: 1232)

I set up the business suscription and the first step i tried to do is to: Convert to CNAME Setup

Convert to CNAME Setup
Converting to CNAME Setup means Cloudflare’s nameservers are no longer authoritative for your domain. Before doing this, you should switch your nameservers away from Cloudflare to your chosen DNS provider at the registrar for your domain.

With Partial (CNAME) setup, you will not be able to proxy root DNS record through Cloudflare and thus cannot benefit from the speed and resilience of Cloudflare’s global DNS network.

Are you sure you want to convert to Partial DNS setup?
You cannot benefit from the speed and resilience of Cloudflare’s global DNS network with Partial (CNAME) setup.

And I get the following error (Error caught when trying to convert the zone type. (Code: 1232)), I dont find any error documentation regarding this error code. I also tried to google it without success.

The point could be that other subdomain is already set up with the CNAME configuration by other deparment and I want to create a new suscription for the same root domain but to manage my project in other subdomain.

How to solve this issue? there is any possibility to have 2 different CNAME setups / business accounts for the same root domain? if not, how to set up? in one of them the second subdomain? if not possible, how to ask for a refund

Thanks in advance,

Hi @user3613 I’ve seen that error before. It happens when you’re trying to convert a pending zone to a CNAME Setup, while there is already an existing domain with that name in Cloudflare in a different account, also using CNAME Setup. If you own the domain we can mark the existing domain to a Moved status which will effectively allow you to convert the domain in your account to CNAME Setup.
This requires you to prove domain ownership, so please submit a support ticket to us!

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