Business plan support answer times are very slow for urgent requests

I’m on business plan and using universal ssl.

For some unknown reason universal ssl certificate has disappeared from Cloudflare for my website. There were no issues with certificate for 3 years and we haven’t changed anything in Cloudflare dashboard for months.

But tonight certificate has gone and I see SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP error for my website. I’ve tried to enable/disable universal ssl but without success. Certificate has not appeared in the dashboard/website.

I immediately created a ticket ( #2502785 ) in Cloudflare help center.

“Average email response time of less than 2 hours for urgent issues.” - business plan description states.

As of now 7 hours have passed and I still didn’t received any answer from Cloudflare support representative about my URGENT request.

Just now I’ve issued custom certificate and uploaded it to the edge using Cloudflare dashboard. My website works again. And still no answer from Cloudflare.
But wait I’m on business plan… not free,self support etc.

It is ok for business plan for such slow responses?
And I’m still waiting for explanation why universal ssl isn’t working for me.

What’s your domain?

Have you already disabled, waited 5 minutes and then enabled Universal SSL at the bottom of the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates page?

This will require your record to be proxied too.

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In addition to what @KianNH just suggested, just check the TLD is not on this list.

On Business you should also have access to live chat if it’s urgent.


Unfortunately I don’t see chat option in my dashboard. The issue has now been resolved.
Digicert is not issuing certificates for sanctioned TLDs and Cloudflare doesn’t have notification for such situations as of yet.
Support response time for business plan users seems to be not suitable for business use. It took 8 hours to resolve this issue with support ticket. Community support was much faster. Thank you for your replies.


Unfortunately the Business SLO even for P1 issues is 8 hours -

This is not ideal and you will likely get a faster response in the community if it’s something we can help with, glad it’s sorted now.

You don’t see the blue help bubble in the bottom right of your dashboard? That’s odd and I would like to escalate that and check why, if possible. Can you try in a private window just to check?

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Zendesk chat widget seems to be blocked by uBlock browser extension in my browser. I’ve disabled it for and now I can see online chat widget in the bottom right. Thank you for your help.


Ah, thank you for confirming that. Glad you can see it now.

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