Business plan required to change name servers to a wordpress - move domain

I created a wordpress site but my domain is registered with Cloudflare. I added the two A records and CNAME from Wordpress to Cloudflare but the wordpress notification says I need to change the name servers. It appears you have to have a business plan to do so? Trying to get the site up Post-46

I need to get this site up. It appears from other threads this isn’t possible. How can I move the domain to another register… this is costing me money and timing is critical.

This is for vanity nameservers, you would still be using Cloudflare.

Indeed - you can’t use third party nameservers with Cloudflare Registrar.

This should be all you need really, there’s very rarely a justification for hosting providers requiring you to delegate DNS to them.

Depends who you’re transferring to - I’m sure their knowledge base will guide you through the process.

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the error message says I need to contact the registrar because "the domain is not transferrable.:

Do you think if I just wait it will resolve? I am trying to get everything into Cloudflare but can’t if it won’t work.

What, using your domain without transferring? Maybe?

That entirely depends on your host.

If you’re referring to transferring then it depends when you made the registration/transfer - there’s a 60 day period where you can’t transfer after purchasing or transferring a domain which is imposed by ICANN.

Thank you

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