Business plan, purge via API and minimum edge TTL


One of our client is considering the Business plan, but we have one thing that we need clarified before we decide on that plan.

The Business plan comes with a 30 min minimum edge TTL. If an editor edit the frontpage and we automatically purge that page after the change has been saved, will CF purge the edge cached version even if it has not been cached for 30 min or will CF continue to server the old version from edge cache?

I don’t have a problem with edge cache saving some pages for hours or even days, but on the other hand will the client not accept that there is up to 30 min delay on changes to specific pages.

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Purge Cache at Cloudflare removes the resource(s) from all edge nodes within a couple of seconds.

Okay, thanks. So the minimum 30 min edge cache TTL is only to how long time CF will cache on edge if the object has not been purged, right?

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