Business plan; image resize and multiple domains


I have 2 questions regarding CF business plan;

  • We have 3 domains for our website but they share the same origin (codebase), can i use this with only 1 business subscription? Or do i need to apply for multiple business subscriptions?

  • We like to use the image resize tools in the business plan; 100k resize requests are included;
    But when an image is already resize by CF and is cached for a long time (a year for example). The next visitor who visits the same page, with the same resized images…do they get served images from the cache? if yes, i assume it will not count for the 100k resize requests again?

A plan only applies to one domain and its subdomains.

I don’t believe caching has anything to do with the image resizing feature. So every single view of that image gets counted. Here’s more info:

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