Business Partner has Died

Hi there Cloudflare Community,
I’m really hoping that someone can help me with this. My business partner has passed away unexpectedly and I need to ensure that one of our clients on Cloudflare keeps her website. I put in a request but the bot told me to ask the owner of the account (he’s dead!). I have a copy of our business registration with both our names on it and his widow is happy to do whatever she needs to.
I’m hoping somebody knows a way of getting around this situation.
Thanks so much in advance.
Matt {redacted}

I’m sorry for your loss.

The relevant issues are:

  1. Domain registration – Is the domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar? (post the domain name if you’re unsure and we can look it up)
  2. Paid Plan – Are you paying for any services at Cloudflare? It’s generally easier to abandon the current account and set up a new one.
  3. Hosting – Cloudflare is most likely not the web host for that website. It’s pretty easy to revert back to a default hosting configuration if you have access to the web hosting account.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The account I am looking for is I looked it up on Hostingchecekr. Here is a screen shot of my results

I believe it is a paid plan, but not sure.
Thank you,
Please let me know if you can find anything

Ah, that’s a Shopify Site. So, to answer my questions:

  1. That domain is registered with Tucows, or an affiliate of theirs. (Whois
  2. It wouldn’t be on a paid plan here since you’re using Namecheap DNS. You might have a hosting plan there so you can use their DNS.
  3. But it is hosted by Shopify, and that’s who you would be paying for services. Shopify itself uses Cloudflare, so that explains why Cloudflare showed up in your research.

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