Business Email account transfer/validity


I have successfully transferred my domain from bluehost to cloudflare.

I have a Business Email account with bluehost (valid till 1st week of May) which is accessed through webmail and it’s working fine. I see the MX, CNAME and domainkey are available in the DNS of my cloudflare account which probably got imported when I transferred the domain?

Though the business email will be removed shortly (as I don’t want to extend it in bluehost), I still believe the webmail would work fine as it is now controlled through my cloudflare account, correct?

Please advise.


So you are going to downgrade from the business email to regular email that comes with your BH hosting account? If so, everything should work fine providing your *Cloudflare records are updated.

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Yes, thank you! I hope CL means cloudflare.

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@jagadeesan.balakrish Once you’ve setup your mail, be sure to use this tool to verify your configuration.

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