Business account ($200/m) required to change Cloudflare Nameservers?

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Is it necessary to have a business account ($200 per month) to change Cloudflare’s nameservers to my own custom (not managed by Cloudflare in any way) nameservers?

I just bought my domain name with Cloudflare Registrar.

Is this a new requirement or I’m doing it wrong? Is not mentioned in the docs nor some ansers in the forum

Thanks for your time

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

When a domain is registered with Cloudflare registrar it is a requirement to use Cloudflare nameservers. This is defined in section 6.1 of the Domain Registration Agreement.

The Custom Nameservers option that you shared in your screenshot allows you to use your own domain name with Cloudflare nameservers, but you will still be using Cloudflare nameservers, not running your own elsewhere. The Custom Nameservers feature does require either a Business or Enterprise plan.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare nameservers, Cloudflare Registrar is not a viable solution for you. Once the 60 day ICANN transfer hold passes, you can transfer the domain to another registrar and use other nameservers.

If you just need specific child zones to be managed outside of Cloudflare, take a look at Delegating Subdomains Outside of Cloudflare. I haven’t done this yet, so I can’t offer any firsthand feedback, but it is on my list of things to try with Cloudflare.


There’s no better DNS in the world. Why would anyone not want to use it?


I use netlify to host this website. If I move it there I have https automatically configured, plus I can very easily deploy new project in subdomains, this is extremely handy

Thanks, I was not aware of it

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