Bun install hangs on Cloudflare Pages


I have a NextJS site on Pages, using Bun as PM. When the build process executes bun install it will intermittently hang until the build times out. Is it possible to modify the install command to include --verbose so the Bun team can get some more info?

Cheers / F

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Hi Frederik!

Given that Bun is relatively new, and is the only tool we’ve had reports like this on, we are leaning towards this being a Bun issue.

It looks like Bun's v1.0.30 release added reliability improvements to bun install, so I’d suggest you to try that version (or whatever is latest): Bun v1.0.30 | Bun Blog

Additionally, if you would like to customize your bun install command (eg. to remove --frozen-lockfile or add --verbose), you can add the following environment variable to skip the automatic dependency installation:

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Hi Jalves1,

Thanks for coming back. I’m constantly updating the version I am using and deployed yesterday with 1.0.30. I had to cancel the first try, but it worked on the second try.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding disabling automatic dep installation. I assume that means I can use the build command to run bun install before running the build.