Bulk update of contact details for registrant

Hi. After realizing I wrote my phone number with an error at the time of purchasing and transferring domains names, I have been trying to update the telephone number for the domain names I have at Cloudflare. The point is I would like the update take place in ALL domain names in one go taking into account I have many domain names. Otherwise I would have to make the change one by one which I find it tedious.

Please let me know where I should go to make changes appear in all domain names. I have been browsing around the website and have not yet found the right page.

Thank you

Looking through the API docs, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it via the API.

You could look at figuring out how the dashboard API works and replicate it.

Thank you but I visited the API page you mentioned about and have no idea what those codes mean. I just thought there was a way to change contact details from my account management page.

Anyway, as I see I will have no choice, other than updating the phone number separately for each domain name. Well, now I am not sure if by updating the phone number the domain name will be blocked for transfer for 60 days.

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