Bulk update domain contacts

Updating the contact information for my domains right now, and it’s starting to get quite tedious.

These are the steps I currently have to do for every domain:

  1. Navigate to my domain
  2. Click “manage domain”
  3. End up on the registar page with a list of my domains, click “manage” again
  4. Navigate to contacts
  5. For every, single, contact, click the “prefill with default contact”
  6. Wait for it to load
  7. Click save.
  8. Wait for the UI to update because clicking “Save” doesn’t instantly save it, or wait for it, rather if you’d click “edit” on the next contact, it will close it again once the “save” event from the previous contact completes.
  9. Do steps 5 - 8 for the remainder of the contacts.
  10. Click the back arrow, end back up on the default domain list
  11. Do steps 2 - 9 for all other domains that require updating

For 1 domain, this isn’t that problematic. But after having only done 4, and still got a few left to do, this is getting really tedious and time consuming.

A few improvements I’d like to recommend:

  • Have the “back” arrow let the user end back up on the “Registrar” domain list page, rather then the dashboard.
  • If you click “manage domain”, don’t send the user to the “Registrar” domain list page, just send him straight to the actual domain settings.
  • Add a button to allow updating all contacts at once with the default contact information
  • From the “Registrar” domain list page, allow updating contact information with the default contact information on multiple domains in bulk. Optionally also allow the user to select which contact sections this should be applicable to.

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