Bulk Redirects

We want to redirect all trafic from abc.xx domain to xyz.yy domain.

In order to do that, we follow the instructions on Common Bulk Redirect use cases · Cloudflare Rules docs.
Then we created a list (Type:Redirect). This list only has one entry, Source URL: abc.xx/ and Target URL: https://xyz.yy
Subpath matching, include subdomains, Preserve path suffix and Preserve query string are Enabled.

The rule seems to be working when url is like this:


It redirects to https://www.xyz.yy/?t=foo

But it fails when url is like this:


Always redirects to https://www.xyz.yy/

It seems the friendly url https://www.abc.xx/foo, the ‘foo’ part is not manage as query string.

There is way to fix this issue?

Hello there,

When it comes the query string, there is some requirement: Preserve query string needs to be false.
I suggest you to dive into the docs attached here:

Hope that’ll enlighten you!

Hi neiljay

Thanks for your quick reply.

I also checked “Preserve Query String” as false.

Unfortunately it didn’t work when the URL was like:


We expected to redirect to www.xyz.yy/foo but it always redirects to www.xyz.yy/ and ‘foo’ part was gone.

Finally, we follow another strategy to redirect and not use this function.