Bulk Redirects with Wildcards

Similar to Pagerules, we should be able to make use of * to match everything in URLS.

Example: https://example.com/path/* to https://example.com/another-path/$1

Check out subpath matching and Preserve path suffix in the documentation:


These provide the functionality you are looking for.

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Covered more in the blog, also:

Firstly, we have added two options to replace the ambiguity and confusion caused by the use of asterisks as wildcards. Take this source URL as an example: *.example.com/a/b . Would you expect www.example.com/a/b to match? How about example.com/a/b , or www.example.com/path* ? Asterisks used as wildcards cause confusion and misunderstanding, and also increase the cost of implementation and maintenance from an engineering perspective. Therefore, we are not implementing them in Bulk Redirects.

Asterisks as wildcards are ugly from a semantics perspective, and we didnt want to carry that forward into the new product.

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