Bulk Redirects Via API - Get List Item by Source URL


I would like to make use of Bulk redirects (URL forwarding) APIs to create my own application dashboard to manage redirects.

Currently, Cloudflare has couple of APIs to fetch either Get list items or Get a list item by passing the ID.

The problem with these APIs are, whenever I’m creating a new redirect list item, I’m getting the “operationId” which I need to use it in bulk operation API call to get the status of the created Item.
Neither of these Create Item API or Bulk operation status API returning created item IDs which I need to store it in my local DB to make a delete API request.

So to get this created redirect list item ID, I’m currently making a Get all list items API (which is returning only 25 items per call :rage: ) and iterating through the results to match the created item with Source URL to get the ID.
If this item is not found in the result set, I need to repeat this Get all list items API by passing cursor value(which I obtained in the previous request) in the request parameter to fetch the next set of results until I get my redirect item ID.

My question here is, is this the only way to get the created redirect list items’ ID? or am I missing something here?