Bulk Redirects Troubleshooting

Hi there! We have 500 blog post URLs from our old site that need redirecting to include a new /blog/ subdirectory, but I’m having trouble getting this to work with the Bulk Redirects tool. Is there something I’ve set up wrong with my logic here (please see image below)? Many thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been struggling as well, but I have a pretty weird setup.

What’s happening with yours?

Just doesn’t do anything. I also have a sitewide redirect rule to force a “www” subdomain on every URL (which is needed to work with our site on Kajabi), but not sure if that’s interfering.

Blank screen?

404… So for example, I’d like this URL:

To redirect to here:

Is your site hosted on Kajabi? If so, then it’s quite likely that none of your settings will take effect if your site is routed through Kajabi.

Don’t use * or Https or http and use example.com to https://example.com/blog/ include sub path and may be string.


So its actually a simple fix :slight_smile: I looked into your zone, you dont have a Bulk Redirect rule. So whats happened is you’ve created the redirect ‘list’, i.e. ‘from here, to there’. But until you create a rule and reference the list it isnt enabled.

Navigate to ‘Bulk Redirects’ and create a rule, per step 3, and everything should spring into life :slight_smile: https://developers.cloudflare.com/rules/bulk-redirects/create-dashboard



Thanks Sam! Trying now…


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