Bulk Redirects not working

Hi All,

Looking for a bit of advice and help, we have several domains within Cloudflare handling our DNS, our account has a mixture of pro plans and free plans.

I have tried to enable Bulk Redirects for one of our sites but none of the redirects are working, this is working fine for another 2 sites we currently have so I know it works.

The bulk redirect list was uploaded via CSV and the bulk redirect rule was also created and pointed to that list yet they do not work?

The domain is proxied through Cloudflare so the redirects should be working.

I have also logged a ticket with support but they have not got back to me for nearly a week now, I have tried to also phone support but this was useless and I got told to post on here.

Cloudflare doesn’t offer phone support to pay as you go plans.

Without knowing the domain one can only offer guesses. Perhaps the domain is being serviced by a 3rd party SaaS service such as Shopify. In which case their Cloudflare settings take priority.

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The new site is managed by IMIS but the name servers point to our Cloudflare DNS not theirs.

However I believe IMIS do use Cloudflare but I’d thought with us handling the DNS for this domain ours would take priority.

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