Bulk Redirects Not Working - New to CF

I just added my domain name to CF and I can’t get the bulk redirects to work. I’ve followed all the help docs instructions to the letter. Please help.

Did you add the dns records for the above subdomain

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This is what I have in DNS:

The CNAME for the root domain doesn’t resolve either. It sticks on “too many redirects.”

Looking at this you didn’t add the record for the sub domain so add it to which you want to add redirect rule and also some bad guy can use your origin ip to trouble you so better delete it

Not sure but what’s your SSL level

I added the www subdomain here:

I still get a 404 error on both the root and the www. Nothing fixed.

SSL level? It was on flexible, but I’m going to change it to Full (strict) and see what happens.

Before changing to strict pause the Cloudflare and see if SSL is working on your origin also see why are you getting 404 than enable it and set it to strict

I set it to full, but I’m still not addressing the redirects. Everything works for the store and social subdomains, but I need to setup the redirects for the other subdomains. Any ideas?

Add the dns records for the sub domains, i think your SSL is not configured properly at orgin

How do I add a DNS record for a subdomain when it is only a redirect?

CNAME doesn’t resolve to a URL.
A only resolves to a IP address.

I may be missing something. Thanks for you help.

It is required for Cloudflare to work. It can be dummy record. A or cname anything works if you are using it for redirect

Thanks. I just added CNAME records that point to root. I am still getting 404 too many redirect errors on the root and the www in addition to all the CNAME dummy records. Any idea what setting I have wrong?

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Hello @adam30

It seems you figured it out. Those Bulk Redirects are working as expected, but in case someone faces a similar situation, here’s a piece of advice.

Use proxied (orange-clouded) A records pointing to for subdomains you want to redirect to external sites with Bulk Redirects. Otherwise, Cloudflare can’t do the actual redirect from incoming requests. This is the case for 500px, fb, files and flickr subdomains used in source URLs.

Also use this approach with your root domain (@) and/or your www subdomain if you want to do some Bulk Redirects with those records. This is the case for www subdomain.

CNAME records are sometimes trickier because you shouldn’t use them with root domains or mix them with MX records. That’s why Cloudflare warns you in that CNAME record for your root domain. A CNAME record is basically an alias relationship between two domain names at the DNS level.

To be safe, always point your root domain (@) to an IP address. If your root domain is a CNAME record and there are MX records for @ too, your mail flow could be disrupted.

Finally, your proxied (orange-clouded) CNAME records for c, d and m aren’t working properly because of a failed SSL handshake between Cloudflare and Google Sites. This is common for classic Google Sites which don’t support https (and you’re using Full encryption mode).

New Google Sites can be proxied without errors because a valid TLS certificate is provisioned during the web URL mapping. Just unproxy (gray-cloud) those CNAME records and test.

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