Bulk redirects lists ( export data )

Hi guys,

Manually add data to redirect my subdomains to “anywhere else”

So now, i’d like export this list to a compatible ( to Cloudflare ) file.

How to … ?

Thanks !

P.S. Export DNS-data works like a charm ! -)

Hello! I had to actually do this recently as I’m getting my domain from one CF account to another.

There is currently no export option on the Cloudflare Control Panel for lists. You will need to use the Cloudflare API.

Get all lists:

From that, you should find the ID Number of the redirect list, then use this to get the list items:

You can then export the list items to something like a .csv which can then be re-imported when needed.

As far as I know, the API is the only way to achieve this.

Ohh, no no no -)

Will keep them safe in keep google com :joy:

Thanks !

What’s the trick to getting more than 500? The documentation does not show a page= query parameter.