Bulk Redirects limits?

On my Shopify store, I have 3-4k thousand URLs for my product pages that contain obsolete parameters (in URL). The product pages still exist, but the parameters no longer correspond to anything.

URL: /products/feuillages?pr_prod_strat=collection_fallback&pr_rec_id=a890f7df9&pr_rec_pid=8855045112140&pr_ref_pid=8855047733580&pr_seq=uniform
And URL: /products/feuillages?pr_prod_strat=collection_fallback&pr_rec_id=12029f4fb&pr_rec_pid=8855045112140&pr_ref_pid=8854478881100&pr_seq=uniform
Both correspond to the same product page, but beforehand this page had two distinct contents depending on the parameters. So duplicate content was ok.
Today, these parameters no longer correspond to anything and therefore end up on the same product page with the same content. Posing a duplicate content problem…

Since it’s these URLs with parameters that are indexed and ranked in Google, I’d like to make Google understand that these URLs no longer exist and have been moved. By making 301s from URLs with parameters to the “naked” version of the URL, without parameters.

Shopify doesn’t allow redirects from URLs with parameters. Since it’s my host, I’m stuck for all on-site redirection (PHP, .htaccess, etc.).

So I thought of operating redirects on DNS, using a service like Cloudflare.
Except that I don’t understand the limits of Cloudflare’s Bulk Redirects…
“Bulk Redirects Create thousands (or even millions) of static redirects. At the account level, create a bulk redirect list first, and then create a bulk redirect rule using that list You have used 0 of 5 redirect lists and 0 of 20 redirect rules” If I can create thousands, even millions, of redirects… why am I limited to 20 rules?
I don’t understand the delta “millions of redirects” vs. “20 rules”…
I don’t think I’ve mastered this definition of “rules” because it seems illogical.

Can someone please enlighten me?

It’s not well written. For “millions” of static redirects you would need an Enterprise plan.

It seems Shopify users with Cloudflare accounts can use O2O to proxy their Shopify records now (which is required for rules to work)…

…but I don’t think redirects will work yet (Page Rules oddly, as they are deprecated, it says will)…

I had a feeling I was going to need a more complete plan… However, I couldn’t find the limits per plan (specifically concerning rules redirections pages and/or Bulk redirections).
Do you know where this is explicitly documented? Or do you know these limits per plan please?

The link I gave above has the limits…

Yes, I’d seen that, but on this link the limit is set at 10,000 redirects, even for the Enterprise plan… So we’re a long way from the millions of redirects announced by Cloudflare!
So I thought it was a mistake…

Underneath the table it says…

For URL redirects across lists , this table provides the default quota for the Enterprise plan. Bulk Redirects supports several million URL redirects — to get more redirects, contact your account team.

Just to add to the above; we keep the limits low on free plans to minimise abuse. If you upgrade one zone to pro/biz, you’ll automatically get 500 URL redirects. And if you ask, we can increase this limit for you for free to likely more than you’ll ever need.(we dont charge for Bulk Redirects) :slight_smile:

At some point we will crank up the default # of rules for Pro, Biz and Enterprise - likely by quite a lot. We have customers out there using millions of URL redirects in single accounts, for example, so we are confident at this point that the system can handle it.

cc @ncano


Hey @smarsh and @ncano,

Thank you so much for your reply!

I would be very interested in the “Pro” plan.

Here’s a more complete thread explaining my problem and the solutions I’m looking for: http redirect - 301 Redirections (setup off-site) - Stack Overflow

From the tests I’ve carried out, I get the impression that solution 1 won’t be possible because Cloudflare doesn’t allow redirection from URLs containing parameters in the Bulk Redirects tool. Can you confirm this?

What about solutions 2 and 3, are they feasible at Cloudflare?

If I understand correctly, you simply want to redirect all requests to the pattern https://www.example.com/products/feuillages?pr_prod_strat=collection_fallback&pr_rec_id=a890f7df9&pr_rec_pid=8855045112140&pr_ref_pid=8855047733580&pr_seq=uniform to https://www.example.com/products/feuillages? i.e. strip all parameters?

If so, you should be able to do this relatively easily with a Dynamic Redirect rule (at the zone level), likely with just one rule too:

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The big thing we need to do for you though is enable O2O on your zone, as without this flag you wont be able to proxy traffic to Shopify from your zone. This means all requests go direct to Shopify, and dont trigger your redirect rules.

If you can drop me an email at smarsh @ cloudflare com then I can forward to the relevant PM who can enable this for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, just confirming - all received. Leave it w/ me and will get you a reply asap.