Bulk redirects for url shortening - Unable to get it working

I’ve successfully setup page rules as to use as vanity URL redirects for video projects on youtube, etc. I was hoping to do the same with bulk redirects but I cannot get it to work.

I have an adobe portfolio which I’ve setup as root on my custom domain, and I’ve enabled Cloudflare proxy.

my bulk redirect list entry is formated like this:

source: example . com / videoname target: https : // youtube . com / theytvid

I’ve enabled the bulk redirect rule with the defualts. and the list.

If I go to example . com / videoname it just 404’s to my adobe portfolio homepage sadly.

Any advice on what I’m doing wrong here? is there a DNS conflict? Identical page rules worked perfectly fine.


If your A record for example.com is already proxied (orange-clouded) then you need to create Bulk Redirects as follows to accomplish it.

Source URL: example.com/videoname (so it matches both http and https)

Target URL: https://youtu.be/something (an example per usual YouTube’s links for sharing)

Status: 301

Edit parameters:

  • Preserve query string - No
  • Include subdomains - No (unless you want www.example.com/videoname to also work)
  • Subpath matching - Yes (without it you get 522 errors when an extra path or subpath is requested)
  • Preserve path suffix - No (to not carry over those extra paths or subpaths)

Once all your URL redirects exist as list items on an associated list (content type = Redirect) and the Bulk Redirect rule targeting that list is enabled, your redirects should work as expected, for example:

https://example.com/videoname should redirect to https://youtu.be/videoid

Bulk Redirects take precedence over Page Rules redirects, so deactivate any Page Rule with similar or exact behavior while testing and deploying your Bulk Redirects to be 100% safe.