Bulk redirections are not persisting

Hi all! I am using bulk redirections and they worked quite fine, until today. Today I am not able to edit and persist additional changes on them.

For example I have a redirection

https://example.com -> https://example2.com?foo=bar

and this works fine, but I now want to remove varialbes and make something like:

https://example.com -> https://example2.com

I am able to edit this and hit Save, but after loading again to see the changes, changes are not persisted. I still get

https://example.com -> https://example2.com?foo=bar

Any idea what could be issue?

I couldn’t reproduce this, hence I would suggest to open Dev Tools > Network tab, switch “Disable cache” feature on and then check if your POST request to https://dash.cloudflare.com/api/v4/accounts/{account_id}/rules/lists/{list_id}/items is actually resulting in 200 OK.
Alternatively, you can update list items for your Bulk Redirects directly via API: Cloudflare API Documentation. Just keep in mind that you will need to resubmit the whole list when using this API call: Create Bulk Redirects via API · Cloudflare Rules docs.