Bulk redirect stopped working

As of today, at least on my account and domain (youronly.one), the bulk redirect feature stopped working.

  • It was working fine since the launch of the feature and until yesterday.
  • I haven’t changed anything since I set it up when it was first launched.

I recreated everything and waited but it still is not working.

Example redirects:

  • snoworld.youronly.one => https://youronly.one/snoworld/
  • techmagus.youronly.one => https://youronly.one/techmagus/

Any idea? Or is a known issue?

Thank you. Shalom!

Looks like its working as expected?

snoworld.youronly.one redirects to https://youronly.one/snoworld/ via Bulk Redirects.

There is then a Page Rule on youronly.one which then subsequently redirects again to https://im.youronly.one/$1 which in this case will redirect https://youronly.one/snoworld/ to https://im.youronly.one/snoworld/ which is what we see when we curl:

❯ curl -s -I -L https://snoworld.youronly.one | grep location
location: https://youronly.one/snoworld/
location: https://im.youronly.one/snoworld/

If you want snoworld.youronly.one => https://youronly.one/snoworld/ then simply disable this Page Rule.

Ahh, that’s weird.

On my end, it’s stuck in subdomain even if I try in Private Window, so snoworld.youronly.one is still snoworld.youronly.one. I tried in Edge private mode, similar too.

Anything else that could affect it?

P.S. the redirect to im.youronly.one is fine (sorry, forgot to mention that part)

I’m unclear on what your desired setup is. Can you clarify where you want traffic to snoworld.youronly.one redirecting to?


Just an update for today, the mass redirect rule is working again.

In any case, just to answer:

There are two redirect features I am currently using:

  1. Mass redirect
  2. Per domain redirect / page rule

The per domain redirect / page rule is fine and working as-is. It was the mass redirect rules which stopped working. (Side note: the redirect chain setup is temporary.)

If I notice it stops working again, I’ll just update by then.

Thank you. Shalom!

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A follow-up / continuation of: Bulk redirect stopped working

I just noticed today that it stopped working again.


Bulk redirect lists:
Screenshot from 2022-01-08 08-10-20

Screenshot from 2022-01-08 08-10-33

Page rules (redirect):

  1. If I type: http://www.youronly.one the Bulk redirect should’ve kicked-in and redirected it to https://im.youronly.one. However, it isn’t working anymore as shown in the screenshot below:

  2. If I type: https://yuki.youronly.one or http://yuki.youronly.one, the Bulk redirect should’ve kicked-in and redirected to https://im.youronly.one/yuki/. However, it also stopped working as shown in the screenshot below:

It seems to be working intermittently. One day it works, another day it just stops.

Did I miss anything? Or is my setup incorrect?

Thank you. Shalom.

You are getting a 525 error, which is unrelated to redirects. It seems it affects your www. subdomain.

The screen shots are from different hostnames. One is www., the other not.

To fix the 525 error:

A 525 error is typically caused by a configuration issue in the origin web server when its SSL certificate is not properly set up. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for advice & insight. Also, a dedicated SSL Certificate would allow you to secure multiple levels of your subdomains and include your fully qualified domain name in the Common Name (CN). Learn more about Dedicated SSL Certificates.


The issue is not the server configuration but rather the bulk redirect is working intermittently.

If the bulk redirect is working:
When I type http://www.youronly.one it should redirect to https://im.youronly.one before it even reaches the server.

However, because the bulk redirect is not working, like in this case:
When I typed http://www.youronly.one the request was sent to the server directly. Which obviously would be an error.

For example, just now, I tested it again and it is working.
http://www.youronly.one is redirecting to https://im.youronly.one which then loads the website.

One day, it will stop working again.

So, the issue is not the server, it is the bulk redirect because that’s where the redirect rule is set. The redirect rule should kick in first before any request is sent to the server.

Unless I misunderstood how the bulk redirect works? Are you saying that the bulk redirect works only after it sends a request to the server? Because that doesn’t make any sense … the bulk redirect is a setting in Cloudflare not in the server. It should get processed first before any request is sent to the server.

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You’re right! My first reply was a knee-jerk reaction to the 525 error, but yes, you should not be seeing these errors in the first place.

Intermitent errors can be very hard to troubleshoot. I didn’t get a 525 on my several attempts to visit your old domain. You may want to wait until you can see the problem again and save a HAR file, which you can then provide to Cloudflare Support after you open a ticket.


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