Bulk Redirect not working

I have created my first bulk redirect, and it’s not working. What might I be doing wrong?

I followed this guide: Create Bulk Redirects in the dashboard · Cloudflare Rules docs

Is there a DNS record for your events subdomain?

If not, you’ll need one so that the traffic gets to Cloudflare in the first place for the redirect to take place. Create an AAAA record for events with the address 100:: and make sure it’s proxied (orange cloud).

Thanks, there wasn’t!

I had one, but that wasn’t working so deleted it. If it wasn’t proxied, maybe that was the problem? I added as you suggested and that’s now working, thank-you.

Off the back of this though, I notice that events.domain.org/some-other-path errors with 522. Going directly to events.domain.org works fine. I’m guessing this is a setting somewhere?

Did you follow this scenario? https://developers.cloudflare.com/rules/bulk-redirects/use-cases/#redirect-all-requests-from-one-domain-to-another-domain

Sounds like you’ll want to double-check Subpath matching and Preserve query string

If it wasn’t proxied, maybe that was the problem?

Yep, record needs to be proxied.

I didn’t - I misunderstood those settings. As I want all paths to go to the one location (not carry over), I think I need the subdomains setting.

Trying to test, however the setting doesn’t seem to be updating! Does this rely on any cache anywhere, I’ve deleted local and it still persists.

For completeness, the answer was that both were needed. This was not clear in documentation which suggested that the subdomains setting was only needed - this resulted in a 522 error when a subpath existed. Adding the subdomain AND the subpath setting (deselecting the preserve path suffix setting) was the answer for me.

Thanks for your help @KianNH

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