Bulk redirect not working as expected

I’ve researched this but can’t find topics specific to this case.

Our root domain (e.g. domain.com) only has an A record pointing to the host’s IP address.
And yes, it’s proxied.

In specific cases for specific paths, we’d like a redirect.

domain.com → web host
domain.com/products → webhost
domain.com/testing → bulk redirect
domain.com/special → bulk redirect

I’ve tried setting up bulk redirects that are simply:

and with different settings for “Include subdomains” and “Subpath matching” but nothing seems to be working.

Trying to go to domain.com/testing or domain.com/special still seems to be handled our web host.

Am I missing something?

Who is the host? If they use Cloudflare (although that usually requires the DNS record to be set to “DNS only”) using a Cloudflare IP address for a record in your DNS seemingly prevents any redirects from taking place.

Otherwise, can you give the real domain and path that should redirect and show a screenshot of your rule?


We use Cloudflare for DNS. The naked domain has the A record pointing to BigCommerce, our web host.

But I thought the Bulk Redirect rule would/could intercept that before it goes to BigCommerce?
If not, is there a different Cloudflare service I can/should use to accomplish this?

Unless you are using O2O traffic will go to BigCommerce first