Bulk Redirect Issue

I was adding domains to redirect list, which of course point to proper NS of Cloudflare, but as soon as I added 20 redirects to one of my bulk redirect list, I try to add more to that list but it say a message which loads forever.
“Your items are now being added and will appear shortly.”
Is this the limit for free accounts? I have noticed the limit was higher around 500 domains or I m blind.
Have moved some domains to Cloudflare now this surprise, I hope I will be able to redirect without bulk list each of them in such case.
If there is a limit it would be good to say Limit exceeded, but that message is not helpful, because it looks like glitch and user expects it to work at some point.
P.s. a suggestion, not sure how to forward, I would prefer to have the ability to select payment card during checkout rather than having a primary card set in settings.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out, this does indeed look like a limit you are hitting for Lists - Redirects · Cloudflare Rules docs

It looks like 20 is the limit on the free plan across all your bulk redirect lists.

Good feedback that a useful error message is needed, I will make sure to pass this along.