Bulk Redirect Help

I have added a bulk redirect rule and uploaded the CSV but it is not working. I cannot figure out where to even begin troubleshooting this.

Here’s just a couple of them

I’m using quic.cloud for CDN and it is integrated with Cloudflare’s API. So the domain name is proxied via cloudflare and pointing to the quic cloud.

I’m very much at a loss. Any help?

Your DNS records aren’t proxied, so requests are going direct to your origin and not through Cloudflare to apply the redirects…

Ok, so what am i doing wrong? In cloudflare, I see this:

According to what you posted, your bulk redirects are from westgatechapel.com which isn’t proxied.

Those DNS records in your screenshot create…

dig +short qcbackup_westgatechapel.com.westgatechapel.com

dig +short qcbackup_www.westgatechapel.com

…which are not what you are redirecting from.

You need to proxy the record for @ (westgatechapel.com).

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