Bulk Redirect Executing Before Single Redirect


I currently have a bulk redirect set up so all source url


are going to


I’ve also made a single redirect so


goes to


But when I typing in \example.com/specificquery

it is instead going to


Shouldn’t it execute the single redirect rule before trying executing the bulk one?

Is there anyway to work around this?



Let’s first clarify the terminology. What Cloudflare calls “Bulk Redirect” is a list-based set of static redirects . You create a list with A to B static redirects and then create a Bulk Redirect rule based on that list.

What you seem to be talking about is a Single (Dynamic or Static) Redirect Rule. What is not clear to me is what do you want to accomplish.

  1. example.com/, example.com/path1, example.com/path2, etc., ie, any path on naked domain going to sub.example.com/ (the homepage of your subdomain), with an exception for the path you mentioned? OR
  2. example.com/ (requests to the naked domain homepage) going to sub.example.com/ (the subdomain homepage)? OR
  3. something else?

You would be good if you provided a screenshot of your redirect as created (you may obfuscate domain if needed).

Bulk Redirects operate on the account level before any zone-level rulesets, including Single Redirects, are executed.

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