Bulk redirect doesn't work when www is present


My goal is to have the following URLs redirect to theactivationstarterkit.com:

Currently this works so long as the www is omitted from the URL. This a problem as some of our published works reference the www URL.

I’m currently using a bulk redirect for this and I have “include subdomains” checked for each domain. Doesn’t work.

I also tried adding a redirect page rule to the activatetransformation domain to have it redirect from www to non-www, thinking it may trigger a double redirect and work. No dice.

I also tried adding www.activatetransformation to the bulk redirect list, and that also didn’t work.

I’m puzzled as to what I’m missing here. I appreciate any help!

Thank you!

PS. I removed the TLD after the initial domains so this would post.

You need to have DNS records for the domains and subdomains you are redirecting from (www.activatetransformation.org and www.startactivating.org) or the requests can’t resolve.

As these are just for redirect, create a proxied dummy DNS record for www as A or AAAA 100:: in your Cloudflare DNS for each domain. (You can also use the same for @ to remind you that you are redirecting the domain as well).

For your page rule, if using *www.activatetransformation.org/* then you need to redirect to https://activatetransformation.org/$2 - but your aim was to redirect to theactivationstarterkit.com so you might as well use that in the page rule instead.

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Baaahhh! I didn’t even think about the DNS needing to be set up for the redirect to work. That makes sense.

That worked. Thanks so much!

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