Bulk operations in WP admin are extremely slow with CF plugin enabled


I face a strange issue. Any bulk operation in wp admin like deleting 20 images or updating a label on 50 posts is extremely slow and causes CF error 524. In case I disable the CF plugin everything is quite fast!

I have APO enabled so I cannot disable the plugin permanently.

What should I check, where shall I start?
Any help is appreciated!

Turning off APO inside CF the plugin resolves the problem so there might be something with APO wrong not the plugin per se.

It would be nice to receive some advise for resolving it.


Do you have a ticket #? If so please post it back here so we can escalate this issue. Otherwise, you can open a ticket by visiting Dashboard > Support > Contact Cloudflare, then picking Technical - Website > Speed/Performance > APO.


We are sorry to head that you are experiencing an issue with APO.

It seems like there is no ticket from this customer.
Cloudflare support team has created the ticket for you #2772289.

Please reply to this ticket so that Support team can investigate your issue further.


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