Bulk Operations - across "Websites"

Is there a way to manage multiple domains at once ?
I have 80+ domains that should all have the same DNS records - adding them one at a time is odious.

For the same 80+ domains I should have 0 mail, and thus nothing in DMARC - is there a way to view all the DMARC results at once ?

americanbarassn net
americanbarassn org
americanbarassociation com
americanbarassociation net
americanbarassociation org

I am having the same challenge - 80+ domains all with identical records ( an A rec and a CNAME to our redirect server ).

there has to be a better way than doing them one at a time in the dashboard.

Terraform is the recommended way to managed stuff like DNS records across multiple zones.

TY - looks like terraform is already set up for Cloudflare - time to put on my developer’s hat.

Any easy answer for monitoring all my DMARC reports ?

You’ll be keeping your developer’s hat on as it seems possible with the GraphQL API GraphQL Analytics API · Cloudflare Analytics docs

JASON - the fun never stops.

Yes it looks like it will work for my overall needs, DMARC possibly, was really hoping for a more canned approach - similar to how I can export all my domain registry info from TuCows in a CSV.

Has anyone used Splunk to parse the rua files ?

I think Cloudflare could enable a “bulk add”, “bulk delete” option fairly easily.

The recent need to add _dmarc records to pretty much every website is a case in point…