Bulk Nameserver change

Hello guys!
I want to bulk update Nameserver and IP for few domains

so I think to use the “import DNS records” tool for few domains.

is mandatory to specify the domain everytime or there is a way to skip it and leave the domain name blank so i can use the text file for all domains?


;; A Records
domain.com. 1 IN A
www.domain.com. 1 IN A

;; AAAA Records
domain.com. 1 IN AAAA
www.domain.com. 1 IN AAAA

;; NS Records
domain.com. 1 IN NS ns1.dan.com.


You can use the Cloudflare API to make bulk changes in the zone files. You can also find bash scripts to make bulk updates in zone files on Github. If you have many domains and want to modify zone files on regular basis, then it is worth it. If you never did this, then it might be difficult.

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