Bulk DNS updates


Does Cloudflare have an option for bulk DNS updates?

Only via the API. https://api.cloudflare.com/ Here’s a sample library for editing/ manipulating records: GitHub - cloudflare/python-cloudflare: Python wrapper for the Cloudflare Client API v4


API is nice wish the usability of it could be extended to help noobs Dashboard GUI to list equivalent API command :slight_smile:

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I pointed to PowerShell as the gold standard in that regard. Maybe some day :slight_smile:

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You need to create your own software with API, or buy a software that use the API to do the job.

Hi Team,

Recently ill add my website in Cloudflare and chose free plan. And suddenly in DNS records section it shows almost 500+ records and i cannot delete in Bulk please let me know how can I delete these records in bulk. My domain is newly register https://remiapk.com/ please you can also check and if i delete 1 by 1 it takes almost to days.

Please anyone from Cloudflare team let me know solution.


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Go to the link


Copy the content
Paste in in Browser’s developer console.