Bulk Contact Changes

So this is a bit layman amongst the posts I see here but I’d love to see a bulk contact info editor or something like that. There is already a “global” contact for all domains so if the system could just bulk wipe existing domain contact info from the individual domains either en masse or by checkbox selection, that would be immensely helpful to a user like myself. The Pre-Fill button is great but doing that 4 times x 8+ domains, saving in between each one, is tedious.

I’ve read a help topic suggesting an API to do this task but I wouldn’t know where to begin with setting that up.

I didn’t see a way to do it with the API yet.

I have 17 domains and I just changed my mailing address and… I have to do it 68 times… which is over 221 clicks. would love a way to do it within Admin or within API. I might just wait for them to let me know to update it, and only update then, until they get this feature in.

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