Bulk bill domain registrar auto renewals!

When you have dozens or hundreds of domains on CF Registrar, when it comes to billing each domain individually it can look to credit card processor like fraudulent charges when many individual domain charges are made.

Would be nice to have a single bill if all domains scheduled to be charged are on the same day.

To avoid

Good point. IIRC, a few people already asked for that. Right now I could only find this thread - Multiple Domain Transfer: Payment per domain fails - but I believe there were a handful more.

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@cloonan Yeah also email linked renewal page seems broken clicking it just goes to page with same content as https://www.cloudflare.com/ front page even if i am logged into my account

link in email is


domain registrar management page has no way for me to manually renew my expiring domain right now

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Hi @eva2000, ugh. What is the domain that failed? And, what was the date of the email?

Do you see/have the Add years option on the manage domain page? Is obscure and the team is going to work on visibility.


Hi @cloonan,

Should this appear only for domains that are about to expire or have already expired?

I’m looking forward to adding (multiple) years without having to bump into the expiration date.

Hi @dmz, it should be there for all domains, checking mine ATM. Yes, it is. Details here, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019910671-Transferring-and-renewing-domains-with-Cloudflare-Registrar


You’re right, it’s there! :smiley:

Taking the opportunity to give feedback, it would be great to have this also in Account › Domains and not only in Account › Zone › Registrar.

PS: Sorry to intrude on your topic, @eva2000. :sweat_smile:


Yeah I see add years option. Seems my domain did in fact renew as subscription page lists as renewed but email still was sent for failed renewal and domain management page still says it failed and unable to process payment. I have submitted a support ticket to handle this 1841518.

I hope some more work can be done to improve visibility and tracking of domain renew/billing - especially with CF’s plans to open up new domain registrations eventually. Would be a nightmare to deal with if someone tried bulk registering or renewing dozens or hundreds of domains !

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Even more interesting is looks like auto renewal happened twice so added 2x 1yrs to the failed auto renewal LOL

edit: looks like domain overview right column shows Expires on April 1, 2021 but domain managerment page says April 1, 2022 ?

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My expiration dates are consistent, however I haven’t renewed any domains through Cloudflare yet.

One discrepancy I noticed is that the transfer date is being displayed as the registration date.

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happened again… lots of failed domain renewals came around again due to each domain having successive charges back to back ! Now I have to manually renew them all !

the domain auto renewal failed email suggests you only can manual renew after failed auto renew.

But recently I got an domain auto renewal reminder email and it has a different process saying, CF will try 2 more attempts after initial failed auto renew

We will send you a confirmation email after the process completes. On occasion auto-renewals will fail. In the event the auto-renewal fails we will notify you via email. We make a total of three attempts to process each auto-renewal. If for some reason we are unable to renew the domains after three attempts we request that you handle the renewals manually.

so domain auto renewal failed emails need updating to mention that there’s 2 more auto renewal attempts besides a manual option to renew