Bulk add of IP addresses to Split Tunnel

We use Crowdstrike Falcon on our Macs for EDR. Testing out Cloudflare for ZT/SWG. The Crowdstrike cloud that the agent reports to apparently does not like the Cloudflare cloud, and my agents are not connecting when WARP is turned on. I am looking to add exclusion to the split tunnel config, but Crowdstrike has MANY that can change regularly. It appears that the split tunnel list is a single, manual entry process which is simply not feasible. I am hoping someone can tell me I’m wrong and point me to where I can import these IPs in bulk, on a regular basis.

You can use the API to update the split tunnel information Cloudflare API Documentation

Much appreciated! I’m just testing this solution out right now and was hoping not to bring anyone from another team into this. But, since there IS a solution, that will “check the box” so to speak. Thanks!!

Side note…if anyone from Cloudflare reads this, a bulk import UI might be something to consider.

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