Bulk add, bulk edit from Windows

Hi everyone,

I understand that bulk add or modifications can only be done through Cloudflare API.
Since I’m not a good dev, I’m looking for a Windows friendly GUI so I can easily use the API.
Do you know such tool?

Also, is it possible to retrieve Cloudflare analytics with the API?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your best bet with a GUI would be Postman Collections

and yes you can retrieve analytics from the API per


Thanks Jake1st, it works !

I have been able to :

  • Create a Zone (POST)
  • Change Always Use HTTPS (PATCH)
  • List DNS Records (GET)
  • Delete DNS Records (DEL)
  • Create DNS Records (POST)

But I can’t find any way to do this in bulk :frowning:
Currently I always have to either specificy the domain name, either specifcy the zone ID, or either specify the DNS Records ID …

Is there any way to automate something with Postman so I don’t have to manually specify the IDs ? I’m not sure how to retrieve/store/use the responses from the API.

To do it for the batch you would have to create a for loop in postman which I am not sure is possible.

cloudflare really is difficult when doing bulk actions.